1995 Water Sample Collaborative Project
"Linking up around the World"

Project Summary: This is a collaborative project which was sponsored by Stevens Institute of Technology's Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) and managed by Connie Rogers at P.S. #22 in Jersey City, New Jersey. The project was designed to enhance and enrich the learning experiences of the students at P.S. #22 who were engaged in a simple study of microinvertabrates living in a local fresh water pond. The students at P.S #22 linked up with project partners in Japan, South Africa, and England, all of whom conducted similar studies of fresh water sources near their schools. The students were attempting to determine if similar microinvertabrates would be found in all of the different locations around the world. Explore the site below to see the work that these student scientists conducted.

These are some sample pictures which were taken on the field trip to the fresh water pond in Jersey City. Keep in mind that these pictures were taken with a 35mm disposable camera, developed in an hour and then scanned in and posted to this web site. This meant that ALL other participating schools around the world could come into their classroom the next day and see the pictures from the field trip in Jersey City.

Once the samples were collected the students returned to their classroom and use microscopes and textbooks to identify the micoinvertibrates living in the pond water. Below is a sketch done by one of the students and an audio clip of him describing what he found. Again, note that by posting this to the web site the other participating schools around the world can now use this student's sketch to assist them in their identification.

Sketch of a Mayfly Nymph

Click on icon to hear audio clip

The students in Japan who worked on the project also put together a web site. They had special T-adaptors on their microscopes which allowed them to take pictures of the actual organisms they saw under their microscope. Click here to visit the home page of a school in Japan to see the images they posted during the project.

Here are some of the emails from our project. Note that although the main focus of the project, was a science project the students were engaged in other curricula areas as well. They learned a tremendous amount about the cultures of their partner students, wrote extensively, and practiced some foreign langauges.

From: SWILSON@phs.wcape.school.za (SHANCO WILSON)
Organization: Pinelands High School, Cape Town
To: Jbaron@Interport.Net
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 09:48:33 GMT+0200
Subject: South African Culture

Hi, my name is Shanco Wilson, I attend Pinelands High School in Cape Town, South Africa the southern most point of Africa.

Many people think that we are still living in the stone age but they are wrong because if we were I would not be writing to you. We are quite modern and we live in normal houses and do normal things just like the rest of the world not like the broad picture of Africa that many people see. I think that we in South Africa are more modern than the other countries. There is still a bit of violence in South Africa as we have just come from our first democratic election. There are tribes who are holding onto their culture and such as the Zulu and the Xhosa.

All the grade 8 students have just finished a computer/history and library project. We could choose different topics such as snakes, animals, medicine and more. In this project we had to use many books and we really had to work on it because our teacher (Ms.P.Miller) wanted it to look good and to be flawless. My topic was on snakes and I really enjoyed it because I found out many things about snake which I never knew before.

From: "ZANELE NKOSI" <01NKOZ@twc.pmb.school.za>
Organization: The Wykeham Collegiate
To: jbaron@interport.net
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 08:38:44 GMT+0200
Subject: Sawubona from South Africa

Dear Joshua Baron

We are two black students from South Africa who would like to tell you about the Zulu culture.Our names are Zanele and Mbali We live in the province of Kwa- Zulu Natal in the city of Pietermaritzburg. We go to school at The Wykeham Collegiate and we are in std 4 (grade 6). We go to an English school but at home we speak zulu.

The first thing in the zulu custom is the clothing. Men, women and children normally wear traditional clothes. The men's traditional clothes are a bheshu made out of cow's skin with sandles which are called imbadada. The bheshu goes around the waist of the man. Now we come to the womans clothing. Woman who are not married go topless but woman who are married have to wear a top to show they are married. Women also wear a long dress and a hat. Too the children it depends weather they are a boy or a girl. Girls wear short skirts and no tops but boys wear bhesus.

At home the woman and the children have to respect the man of the house (father). The man has many honours but also has to be responsible. In the zulu custom the man has to feed the family.

On a special occasion woman are hard at work in the kitchen. girls over the age of thirteen are reffered to as woman so they also have help in the kitchen. Woman cook papa, salads and zulu beer. While the men braai meat outside. Younger kids under the age of 13 play outside. Usaully a lot of guests come and they are entertained by a litle music. When the meal is ready the woman dish up a lots of plates of food and then they are served. After that men drink zulu beer. Special occasions are like weddings, Christmas, birthdays, braais and Easter.

Well these are our customs and we are proud of them

From Mbali and Zanele

Click here to see our letters in graphical form.

From: CROGERS@vaxa.stevens-tech.edu
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 11:08:11 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Intro messages
To: "Joshua D. Baron"
Cc: abcd@ppp.bekkoame.or.jp, roselle@tigger.jvnc.net, SBAXR@griff.saprep.ecape.school.za, eitoh@Air.akita-u.ac.jp, dragon@mailbox.rmplc.co.uk, 01SWAN@twc.pmb.school.za


Our names are Tiffani Farthing and Doris Morales we are from Jersey City,N.J.Collecting samples on Monday was so much fun and interesting in Lincoln Park.We were examining the seaweed,water,and worms.Everyone participated in this activity,who were with us. Mr. Baron was a great help to us as well as our teacher, Miss Rogers who prepared us for the equipment to get us started. We also took the water temperature. When we got back to the classroom we examined our samples under the microscope. We have to do more work and research so we'll have to talk with you later on. We had a great time.

Yours truly,

Tiffani and Doris

Hi, Everyone,
We have a lot of things in common. My name is Geuris Pujols and I'm in the eighth grade at P. S. #22 in Jersey City, New Jersey, which is in America. I love music and drawing and all kinds of sports but tennis and soccer. On Monday we went to Lincoln Park to get some water from the pond then we analyzed the water. We found a lot of small animals just floating around. I found a planarian. It has a lot of parts especially eyes that seem to be cross-eyed. we are going to share our discoveries. I hope you can share yours with us. I hope we can communicate again.

Date: Fri, 13 Oct 1995 13:25:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: Abraham Clark High School
To: Water Sample Project, crogers@stevens-tech.edu dragon@mailbox.rmplc.co.uk, eitoh@Air.akita-u.ac.jp, jbaron@interport.net, roselle@tigger.jvnc.net, SBAXR@griff.saprep.ecape.school.za
Subject: Introduction


My name is Natasha Jones and i am a senior at Abraham Clark High school . I am 17 years. old and i am very eager to work with people over the computer. I live in Roselle N.J. it is a small town (Urban area) and everyon e basically knows everyone else. We are close too New York if that will help you any in figuring out where we are at. I would like too know how it is where you live and if there was anything you could change what would it be. I hope we can get too know each other and work well together during our project. I will talk to you soon.


Date: Fri, 13 Oct 1995 15:21:29 +0000>
To: jbaron@interport.net
From: dragon@rmplc.co.uk (dragon)
Subject: River Water Project

This is from the Dragon School Oxford from Jamie and Jago just to tell you about our school. It`s a boarding school and I am in the fourth year and so is Jamie. Our school is very big and we have a river at the bottom of our playing fields called the River Cherwell. We are both boarders in a House called Gunga Din and we have two matrons called Lorraine and Nicola.

We are really looking forward to this project.

Our best wishes

Jago and Jamie.