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Student Worksheet Enrichment Activity 2 Student Worksheet: Eyewitness Accounts


Your teacher will tell you to record your answers in your 'Musical Plates' journal/notebook OR on this student worksheet.
  1. Read at least 4 or 5 of the personal accounts written by individuals who experienced an earthquake. Most of the eyewitness reports below were written many years ago, but some were recorded as recently as 1999.  Select accounts from both long ago and from the last twenty years.
  2. Use examples from the eyewitness accounts above to answer the following questions in your project journal / notebook OR in the space below.
    1. How did the earthquakes affect the personal lives of people you read about?








    3. How did earthquakes affect their communities as a whole?









    5. Were there differences in the reactions of the writers from different time periods? What were they?








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