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Student Activities

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Core Activities
Preliminary Activity: The President wants YOU!
Read this story FIRST before moving on to the Core Activities
Activity 1: Plot Current Earthquake Data
Access Real-Time earthquakes and plot the locations on a world map.
Activity 2: Look for Patterns
Compare the map you created in Activity 1 to a map showing tectonic plates and look for a relationship.
Activity 3: Where will you be in a Million Years?
  Access information about the motion (speed and direction) of the Earth's tectonic plates and make predictions.
Activity 4: How do Volcanoes fit in the picture?
Plot recent volcanic activity on a world map and look for relationships between volcanoes and plate boundaries.
Supplementary / Enrichment Activities
Enrichment Activity 1:Letter to the President
Return to the project story and write your letter to the president.
Enrichment Activity 2: Eyewitness Accounts
Read several eyewitness accounts of earthquakes from 1886 to the present day and study their effects on individuals and communities.
Enrichment Activity 3: Eyewitness Interview
Use online resources to answer specific questions about an earthquake or volcanic eruption and present you findings in an interview form.
Final Project: Show What You Know!
  Prepare a final project (brochure, multimedia presentation, web page, etc.) that demonstrates your understanding of the major concepts.
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