TRI Reading and Technology Institute
Bank Street College of Education - July 24-28, 200
    This project was a collaborative effort of the Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) at Stevens Institute of Technology and the Bank Street College of Education.  Each project participant created a curriculum related resource page.  Click on any of the urls below in the table to view the participants' sites.

E-mail Address
Resource Page url
Enakshi Bose
  - Exploring and creating community gardens
Amy Klauder
  - Using butterflies in a cross-curricular project
Gretchen Scheldorf
  - Enhances  Social Studies curriculum about NY State
Jennifer Seo
  - Everything you need to teach the sense of taste
Yuisa Davila
  - Research and Development using the Native American theme
Josie Carbone
  - Links related to "Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes"
Marika Paez
  - Links to plan a fantastic bears unit K-2
Whitney Grese
  - A page of links for creating a unit on Australia
Shirley Bermudez
  - Web site about Natural Disasters
Margaret E. Ryan
  - This site is to enrich the reading of Karen Hesse's book The Music of the Dolphins.
Sarah Herman
- This site provides links to basic information on Peru, South America. 
L. Shawadeim Reagans
  - This site a thematic teaching tool using Natural Disasters as the focal topic.
Margaret Shoyinka
  - Web site about elephants
Tia Morris
  - Web site about the Underground Rail Road
Jane Doherty
  - Web site about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Steve Evangelista
  - Web site about the Monkey King