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Asteroid Watch
Fireballs from the Sky
March 12, 2003 - updated
 Photos of impact studies
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Student Postings

from Pueblo Elementary (Supernovas), Garett Morgan School of Science (Group 1),
Pueblo Elementary (Group 2)Garett Morgan School of Science (Group 2),
Manhattan Village School

Top Ten Reasons Why We Are Not Scared of a Meteor Strike
by Donovan, Jeff, Taylor and Robert (The Supernovas)
of Ms. Carter's classroom, Pueblo Elementary, Scottsdale, Arizona 

    1) The last big strike was 65 million years ago.  The event in Yucatan that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs is very unlikely.  Strikes like the one in Yucatan only happen about every 100,000,000 years.--DONOVAN

    2) A meteor hit Arizona only once.  That was aproximately 50,000 years ago.  So we think it's really unlikely to happen again.--DONOVAN

    3) We have ways to deflect asteroids. The U.S. government is even coming up with a plan to deflect asteroids.--JEFF

    4) The other planets may block some.  The asteroid belt is between Jupiter and Mars, so Mars will get hit first.--DONOVAN, JEFF, AND ROBERT

    5) The earth is smaller than some other planets.  There's less area to get hit.  Therefore, an asteroid is less likely to earth than some other planets.--JEFF

    6) Some asteroids burn up in our atmosphere.  The little ones, which are most common,  burn up as they enter our atmosphere.  They never even hit the ground.--ROBERT

    7)  We could destroy asteroids by shooting nuclear bombs into space.  They would never reach us.--ROBERT

    8) We can see asteroids before they come, and we have time to prepare.  British space scientists are monitoring them to reduce the risk.--DONOVAN

    9) The odds of any one asteroid hitting us are very low.  For example, the NT7 might hit our planet on February 1, 2019, but the chances are not likely.  The chances are 1 in 250,000.--TAYLOR

    10) No comets or meteors are likely to hit earth for 50 years.  The leader of the British task force that looks for asteroids says nothing is expected for 50 years.  This will give us plenty of time to prepare.--DONOVAN
 10 reasons why we should be afraid of “falling rocks from the sky"
from Terri Lyles' two 8th grade science classes (all boys)
 from Garrett Morgan Cleveland School of Science in Cleveland, Ohio
    Group 2-3:
1. It could cause tidal waves.
2. It could cause world destruction.
3. It could damage property such as buildings, houses, etc.
4. It could hurt or kill people.
5. There could be chemicals in the “rock” or radioactivity.
6. It could contaminate our water supply.
7. It could cause economic problems.
8. It could damage plant life and destroy our food supply.
9. It could cause dust storms that would block the sunlight.
10. It could start large fires.

Group 7-10:

1. It could kill people.
2. It may contain poisonous gases.
3. It could hit a nuclear plant and cause a nuclear meltdown.
4. It could hit a water tower ruining part of the nation’s water supply.
5. It could hit farms and destroy crops.
6. It could hit major industries or businesses causing economic problems.
7. It could hit people’s houses.
8. It could ruin the environment.
9. It could hit the polar ice caps and cause massive flooding.
10. It could hit the oceans and cause huge waves to hit land.

Top Ten Reasons to Fear Deep Impact
by Tyler, Gina, Katie, and Sarah from Pueblo Elementary, Scottsdale, Arizona 
(Sarah thought her team should be called the "Scaredy Cats,"
but the other members weren't so sure.)
1) A fireball might come and blow your house up.  It has happened before!  In June of 1908, a blue fireball swept out of the sk and exploded over Siberia.--TYLER

2) Meteorites have attacked Alabama!  In 1954, in Alabama, Mrs. Hewlitt Hodges was struck by a meteorite when it crashed into her house.--GINA

3) A meteorite may break your bones while falling.  Seventy km. away from the Tunguska hit, in the town of Vanavar, people were knocked to the ground by the force of the blast.--TYLER

4) A strike could kill us all!  After 150 million years of existence, the last dinosaurs (along with 75% of all livingspecies) were wiped off the face of the earth by some cataclysmic--extraterrestrial?--event.  We believe it was a meteor hitting earth off the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula.  So does Alvarez of the Alvarez Asteroid Theory.--GINA/KATIE

5) Meteors are bad for cars.  One victim was a 1980 Chevy Malibu.  It was dented on the hood on the left side.--SARAH

6) The evidence is everywhere!  Iron meteorites have even been found in Antarctica.--KATIE

7) Asteroids can create big craters in the earth's surface.  A 5-mile wide meteorite hitting the earth would penetrate miles into the earth's crust and mantle almost instantly, unleashing global cataclysm.--GINA

8) It could destroy all of our houses.  Some meteors are bigger than many houses.--SARAH/TYLER

9) Comets could lead to new alien life forms.  Comets and asteroids may have delivered the building blocks for earth life billions of years ago.--KATIE

10) One could hit us where we live--in Arizona!  Daniel Berringer found a crater and chunks of a meteorite in Arizona.--GINA

More Possible Dangers from Asteroids
from the 8th grade science class at Garrett Morgan School of Science in Cleveland, Ohio
Teachers: Amy Bokovitz and Lisa Spooner.

1. People could die.
2. It may pollute the earth.
3. It may cause a building to collapse.
4. It may burn you if you touch it.
5. It may cause injury to your body.
6. It may cause arguments if two people find it and want it.
7. It may hit an airplane in the sky.
8. It may harm plants and animals.
9. It may cause fires.
10. The rocks may be contaminated and therefore contaminate the earth.

Our list of the Top Ten Reasons To Worry/(Study) About Meteors//Meteorites/Asteroids- from Manhattan Village School in New York City.

1. Humans can get by meteorites just like the fourteen year old girl, named Siobhan Cowton. 

2. If asteroids are still out there hitting the moon, the Earth is also at risk.

3. Meteorites can hit the Earth at any time.

4. We may not know enough about asteroids to safely avert a collision.

5. We should worry about meteors because like the scientists said, even though they have known about meteors for 200 years , they don't know specifically how they were made and don't know about its capabilities -- natural doings and disaster. 
("Eros or Bust")

6. We should worry about meteors because it can change the evolution of the Earth.

7. "With no warning a meteor as bright as the full moon streaked over the sky while a high school football team was in halftime.  It had exploded into five parts."
("Weekend Meteors")

8.  A maintenance worker was hit in the ear by a meteorite at a country club. Meteorites can hit you anywhere at anytime --even while playing golf.
("Meteortie Nearly Nails Golfer")

9.  The damage meteors can cause is scary.  In Argentina, Inca witnesses saw a meteorite crash that incinerated everything in its path.

10.  Meteor's fragments help us to understand better how the planets were formed  (If we didn't worry about meteors, then we wouldn't research about them -- that's why this is a good reason.)
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