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Asteroid Watch 

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Web Resources  (updated daily)
Armageddon: Fact or Fiction? 
Armageddon - the Movie 
New Films: Deep Impact and Armageddon (1998) by Dr. David Morrison

Exploring Meteorite Mysteries  A full curricular unit developed by NASA education specialists (222 pages)
Exploring Meteorite Mysteries - download individual lessons
Teacher's Guide to the NEAR project (frames) (No frames) - lots of good ideas for lessons and extensions

From the Web   
Science: Barrage of Meteors May Have Doomed the Dinosaurs By Kenneth Chang (March 11, 2003)
Scientists are arguing again over the idea that the combination of cataclysms that doomed the dinosaurs may not have been a coincidence.
Study: Carbon-rich meteorite may give new clues to origin of life (2000) A bus-sized meteorite that blazed to Earth in a spectacular fireball in January could have delivered the most pristine primordial matter ever recovered from space and carry important new clues about the origin of life.
Cool videos of asteroids and meteors 
Meteor "Music"  You can listen to audio signals from "forward scatter meteor radar" systems that allow you to "hear" meteors entering the earth's atmosphere.  Really cool! 
Great Balls of Fire! from the Discovery Channel. A great site!

Books and Articles 
Though the Web has a "million" references to asteroids, meteorites, etc. I find that books in the children's section of the library are still a very terrific way to learn about asteroids.  Here are some useful books that I found in the 500 section of my local library.

Cerveny, Randy.  The Day the Dinosaurs Died. Weatherwise, July/August 1998
Smith, Dean. The Meteor Crater Story. Meteor Crater Enterprises (1996)
Fichter, George. Comets & Meteors (1982)
Lauber, Patricia. Meteors and Meteorites - Voyagers from Space (1989)
Vogt, Gregory. The Search for the Killer Asteroid (1994)
Branley, Franklyn. Comets, Meteoroids, and Asteroids: Mavericks of the Solar System.
Barron's Educational Series. Let's Investigate Magical, Mysterious Meteroites.  (1992) 

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