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Asteroid Watch
Fireballs from the Sky
Monday, February 3rd, 2003
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Welcome to the opening week of the Asteroid Watch Collaborative Project!

During the next month, you and your students will have an opportunity to
  • explore the world of near-earth orbiting asteroids
  • learn why we need to know about them
  • do the crater impact experiment to determine the impact an object "falling" from the sky can have
  • realize the dangers that asteroids can pose
  • find out what we can do to safeguard ourselves from them
We will be doing this in a unique way. This Thursday (February 6th) I will
be posing as a reporter for the Armageddon News* and will be sharing some
breaking news, pose some questions about asteroids and ask about the
possibility of an asteroid striking the earth. This will be followed by the
opening acivity this Friday. See calendar on teacher page of our website

On the following Thursday I will return again as Jason Smith, a mild
mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper (the Armageddon News)
and update you on the latest developments from Asteroid Central (located in
downtown Hoboken, NJ. )

We suggest that you use this first week to familiarize yourself with the
curriculum materials that are available. There is a comprehensive curriculum
“Exploring Meteor Mysteries” that is provided by the NASA education team for
your use. You can access it from the calendar page in the teacher section of
our website.

The entire curriculum is 222 pages and is in PDF format, but you can also download
individual lessons.

For this first week we suggest you prepare and do lesson 1.1 which you will
find as a link for Friday, February 7th on the teacher page.

If you have any problems downloading this material please give me a yell at (click on project support.)

Since this is a collaborative project we encourage you to participate fully
with us by sharing what you are doing and learning as well as engaging
others in participating. **

Until later in the week....

Best wishes,

Ihor Charischak
Asteroid Watch Collaborative Project
Stevens Institute of Technology
Center for Improved Engineering & Science Education
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(w) 201.216.5076

*It has been a while since the movie Armageddon was out. So you may need to
refresh your student’s memories of the movie. There are some links on the
reference page

**Of course, you are welcome to ignore me and do your own thing. (The only
requirement is that you do the impact crater study that is planned for week
3.) There is so much interesting material in the EMM curriculum that I’m
sure you can easily fill the time you have available for this project from
ideas you find there and in our references page.

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