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Asteroid Watch
Fireballs from the Sky
February 24th, 2003
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Subject: Week 4 - Eros: Is it a threat in 2005?

One of the issues raised in this project is whether or not the threat of asteroids slamming into the earth is a major concern. Two years ago NASA completed a mission (Project NEAR) that sent a space probe to the asteroid Eros in order to learn more about asteroids. From the description in the brochure

it appears that this was strictly a scientific expedition. However, at the time there was some suspicion that it was possibly more than that, but rather a secret mission to gain information in order to eventually be able divert its path. Why? Because in 2005 it would collide with the earth. Here is the news item from the Armaggedon News (dated february 7th 2001.)

Read the article and find out from the simulation whether Eros is really going to crash into the earth in 2005. If not, what is the closest that Eros will be to the earth at that time?

The home page for Project NEAR is at

Look at the video to see what Eros looks like as the spacecraft descended towards the surface of the asteroid.

Send me your answer to this burning question (fate of the earth in 2005?) that could have major consequences for the earth.

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