Software used in the IMATTT Project
1999-2000 IMATTT Program
Tabletop  Broderbund
Clarisworks (drawing & Spreadsheet applications) Apple Computer
Geometer's Sketchpad  Key Curriculum Press
Microworlds  Logo Computer Systems
Prime Time Math: Emergency!  Tom Snyder Productions
Math Shop (Scholastic, Inc.)  ESI
Data Explorer  Sunburst 
Factory Deluxe  Sunburst 
Spatial Sense (The Factory, Super Factory, Building Perspective) Sunburst 
Number Sense & Problem Solving (How the West was One, Puzzle Tanks) Sunburst 
The Great Signed Number Race  Sunburst 
Hot Dog Stand: The Works  Sunburst

Software used in the IMATTT Problems of the Week
Software Files/notes Problems of the Week
Clarisworks    Traffic Jam
Clarisworks   Change at the Boutique I
Change at the Boutique II
Geometer's Sketchpad    Shapemakers activity
Exterior Angles 
Number Sense & Problem Solving CD 
How the West was One
Puzzle Tanks
  The West Challenge
6 quarts + 8 quarts = 10 quarts
Microworlds 2.03 (CD) Billiards.mws
Factor Game
Turtle Hunt
King Arthurís Dilemma
Tabletop    Who is the Fat Cat?
Spatial Sense & Geometry CD 
The Factory
Super Factory
Building Perspective
    Simulating a Factory
The Great Signed Number Race    Signed Number Challenge
Graphing Equations & Green Globs game1
Globs challenges 1-3

Classroom "Computer Corner" Software*
Building Perspective
Divide and Conquer
Hot Dog Stand 
How the West Was One
Prime Time Math: Emergency!
Puzzle Tanks
The Factory
The Factory Deluxe
The Great Signed Number Race
The Super Factory
Tangram 4.1
The Factor Game (CMP)

*Use independently with students in the classroom lab corner