1.6 The Factor "10 Game" Challenge
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How to play the Factor game
Two players compete for high score by picking numbers from a screen which are then added to their score. There is a catch though. Whenever Player A picks a number, the total of every factor of that number still showing on the screen is added to the opponentís score. When the opponent, Player B, chooses a number, that number is added to his/her score, but Player A gets the total of all remaining factors of the number B chose. For example, if A chooses 25, then B gets 1 and 5 (since they are factors of 25). At this point A has 25 points and B has 6. And now it is Bís turn to go. The chosen numbers are removed from the screen.
Preparing for the Challenge
Open the file factor.mws  or the Java version on the Web (see below). Play the game several times until you understand it well. Then take the Factor 10 Game challenge.

Factor 10 Game Challenge
Set the Numbers slider to 10. If you go first, can you always win? If so, explain in detail why your opponent doesn't have a chance!

Getting the program
Versions 2.03 & Pro for the Macintosh will be available for download soon.
Java version

Note: In order for the Java version to work, you will need to download and install Webplayer plug-in.
Click here to find out how to do that.

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