Problem: King Arthur's Dilemma
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King Arthur consulting with his staff.

The Story of King Arthur's Dilemma
During one of the meetings of the Knights of the Round Table, one of the Knights asked for the hand of King Arthur's daughter in marriage. Much to the dismay of the King an outcry came from the other Knights. Each of the Knights asked to be the spouse of the King's daughter. Perplexed by the outcry, the King devised the following scheme to choose the one to marry his daughter.

The King's Solution:
The King walked around the Round Table alternately proclaiming, "You stay", and "You are banished". This process continues until only one Knight remains. This remaining Knight gets to marry the King's daughter and becomes the King's son-in-law!

The Task:
Work in small groups, find the pattern that will allow you (the wise Knight) to predict the best seat at the round table for winning the hand of the King Arthur's daughter.


Notes & Suggestions
Use the Microworlds file Knight.mws to help you discover the pattern

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